Seasoned firewood means any firewood that has been dried thoroughly. Dried hardwoods like hickory, maple, elm and oak offer the best burn. This superior kindling option is safe, efficient and clean to burn. What’s more, you can create it yourself if you have space to dry it.

In this post, we’ll break down our top reasons for using seasoned firewood over other options and our tips for drying your own hardwood.

1. Low Moisture Content

The ideal moisture content for firewood is between 15% and 20%. Seasoned hardwood has a low moisture content that is great for burning. This moisture level will maximize efficiency and reduce smoke production. It will also be easier to ignite, so you can save time starting the fire and spend more time using it.

2. Cleaner Wood

If your wood doesn’t have enough time to dry, it can house bugs and pools of water. Removing excess moisture during the seasoning process helps remove bugs, mildew and rot. You can safely burn each piece without worrying about igniting dirt or mold and releasing them into the air.

3. Reduced Contaminants

Creosote, a chemical released during wood burning, coats the inside of wood stoves and chimneys alike. Since moisture increases smoke production, unseasoned firewood will emit more creosote. Using seasoned firewood can keep your home safer by reducing the likelihood of flue buildup and chimney fires.

4. Environmentally Conscious

When dried properly, seasoned firewood reduces the spread of harmful insects. It can also reduce emissions and preserve air quality.

5. Higher Efficiency

Giving your fresh-cut wood ample time to dry can help it burn more efficiently. If there is excess moisture in your wood, some energy goes toward evaporating the water instead of heating your space. Using seasoned hardwood ensures that you get the most efficient burn every time.

How to Season Firewood

Season your firewood with these tips:

  1. Stack firewood where the sun shines on it and the wind can blow through it.
  2. Season your wood in single layers so the wind can wick moisture away from multiple sides.
  3. Wait about six months before stacking your wood in a large pile.
  4. Check your wood with a moisture meter to make sure it is fully dry.

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