Reasons to hire an excavation company

When it comes to choosing a contracting company to perform a task, you need to be sure that you choose the right people. If you choose a contracting team too hastily, you can end up in worse shape than you would prefer, and that decision can lead to a negative impact on your property, finances and the safety of you and your employees.

Choosing the correct excavation company for the job is no exception. Excavation is a structured process where a team of professionals removes soil, sand and other materials from a property. While it might be initially tempting to rent your equipment and perform the task yourself, you should avoid this temptation. Hiring a professional excavation company is your best solution to make sure the job is done correctly the first time while following proper regulations.

Professionals Have the Proper Tools and Experience

No matter the situation, you should always do your best to hire a professional for the job. They will have the necessary experience and familiarity with the tools and equipment to complete the task. Whether you’re building a new building or adding an addition, you’ll want to have people who know how to use the tools properly.

Excavating companies will have their equipment for the job, so you won’t have to worry about renting them. They will also know the proper rules and regulations and have the necessary permits and licenses to operate the heavy machinery.

They’ll also know when to use certain pieces of equipment and how not to damage any plumbing or electrical work underneath.

Types of Tools Used

Excavation companies will have the necessary tools for the job and know how to use them properly. Some of the most common types of tools they’ll use are:

  • Excavators: These heavy-duty machines are essential for excavation jobs. Excavators use buckets to easily dig out huge swaths of earth.
  • Bulldozers: Moving on tracks or wheels, bulldozers are motorized machines that use large metal blades to transfer and push debris.
  • Skid steers: For smaller, more mobile machines that can utilize multiple attachments, excavating companies will likely use skid steers. Skid steers have lift arms that can perform various time-saving tasks. These machines are easy to maneuver and versatile, making them great tools to have on an excavation site.

Some other pieces of equipment you might see are:

  • Crawler loader
  • Spider excavator
  • Trencher

Each tool has its intended purpose, and knowing which one to use at any given time is crucial. Excavation companies have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Proper Procedure for Excavation

You may be able to rent the excavation vehicles and tools you need, but knowing how to properly use them with the utmost precision and effectiveness is a different story. Excavation teams know how to use the machinery correctly, which ensures that the equipment does not get damaged or cause damage to property.

An excavation team will also know how to accurately assess a site location and prepare it for excavating. They’ll know where to begin and how to safely remove any current debris and trash, as well as knowing where to dig and how to effectively structure the holes to allow access into the deeper parts without trapping machinery inside.

Building and Excavating Laws

You need to have a building permit for excavation projects

Building permits are a necessity for anyone who wishes to construct any type of building or addition to their property. Anytime you would disrupt the natural environment, you need to have a building permit.

In addition to the permits, excavation companies will also know how to follow any building and excavating laws in your district. These laws tend to include how to correctly transport dirt and debris, and they are aware of regulations concerning abandoned properties.

You’ll also need to ensure that no trash, debris or waste is left behind after the project is complete. Excavation companies know how to minimize the amount of waste leftover.

Soil Unpredictability

Soil is unpredictable. Sometimes you find that the surface of an area is relatively dense, but as you dig farther, it can quickly become loose and difficult to traverse. The earth has multiple layers to it, and each one has different characteristics and functionalities. The farther you need to dig, the more likely you are to hit these additional layers that can come as a surprise.

Excavation companies know how to handle most, if not any, situations that arise. They will have the most familiarity with the different types of soil, and they’ll have a better idea of what to expect in the area.

If you suddenly strike an area with loose and soft soil, you can easily find yourself and a vehicle sliding into the pit. This type of situation can cause unexpected delays. If you don’t have the proper insurance, you can also find these situations leading to costly payouts.

Safety Concerns

As with any type of contracting job, safety is of the utmost importance. Accidents happen, and situations arise when we least expect them. If you intend on performing the task yourself or hiring an amateur company, you can risk injury and even death.

Excavation companies will have a set of rules and regulations that they follow to ensure the safety of their employees. The workers will have the necessary training and experience on the pieces of machinery to know how they function, handle and operate. They’ll know when the machine has overextended its limits, which can keep the driver and those around them safe.

The unpredictability of soil is the most cause for safety concerns. If you don’t know how to navigate through the different types of soil, you can risk further injury.

In the worst-case scenarios, insurance will be the biggest ally, and excavation companies will have their insurance to cover any injuries that may occur. It will even protect you from being held liable for damages, too.

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