There are sewer and water lines running all over the place just under our feet. Sewer lines carry the waste away from our homes and businesses, while water lines provide us with a constant supply of clean water. When they’re working, we don’t give them a second thought, but when they’re not working properly they can be a big hassle. Older, established cities that are experiencing growth – such as Clifton Park, Colonie, Albany, Ballston and Saratoga Springs – are creating a double boom for sewer and water line companies in the area, thanks to a mix of repairs to existing lines and installation of new ones.

Sewer and water line installation and repair takes careful planning to ensure all local and state guidelines and rules are followed. When sewer and water lines aren’t installed properly, they risk breaking due to shifting ground and frost. Thanks to our experience here at Colonial Excavating, we can plan and carry out all your residential and commercial water line repairs.

 Different Types of Sewer and Water Line Projects

Due to the different skills, experience and equipment required for various types of sewer and water line work, not every contractor can handle it all. Here at Colonial Excavating, we can take care of each type of project and ensure safe, high-quality work every time:

New Installations:

We are equipped to handle even the largest new sewer and water line installations. Our equipment can tackle trenching and backfilling for regular residential properties as well as larger commercial properties. When it’s time to connect to the city water sewer and water lines, we’ll work with the local authorities to ensure proper connection and verification.

Sewer and Water Line Repairs:

As your residential and commercial sewer and water lines get old, they can start to leak. If you are having problems with your lines and need to plan repairs, give us a call. We have experience digging down to existing sewer and water lines without damaging them. Less experienced sewer and water line repair companies can have difficulty locating leaks and carefully digging to expose and repair the lines.

Line Replacements:

If your sewer and water lines suffer repeated leaks, then it’s time to replace the whole system. This is more complicated than installing new lines because the old ones need to be removed. In most cases, your property is without water and drainage during the line replacements, which is why choosing a quick and reliable repair contractor like Colonial Excavating makes sense.

Emergency Repairs:

When a sewer or water line leak occurs, it is at the very least a hassle and in some cases can be a major concern. Flooding of your property in winter can cause dangerous slippery conditions, and allows water to enter your home or commercial building. Leaking sewage can cause pollution and health concerns. We offer 24/7 emergency sewer and water line repairs to give you peace of mind.

We want our customers in the capitol region – including Clifton Park, Colonie, Albany, Ballston and Saratoga Springs – to call on us for all their sewer and water line needs. Before every job, we’ll provide a free detailed quote so you’re clear on the work to be done.

Once our experienced crew is on your site, they’ll work in a safe and professional manner to respect your property and the safety of everyone present. Thanks to the effort we put into planning our sewer and water line installations and repairs, we get in, dig, place or repair the lines, and fill the trenches back in quickly and efficiently. We’ll get your sewage and water flowing again and let you get back to your life.

Septic System Installation


Nearly everywhere we go, sewer lines run beneath our feet transporting water and waste away from homes and businesses. Sewer lines are a crucial part of our cities’ infrastructures, but we often don’t think about them until there’s a problem we can’t ignore. When it comes time for sewer line repair and replacement, it’s important to have a general knowledge of what you’re dealing with and a qualified service team on your side.

Colonial Excavating is a locally owned and operated contractor in the Capital District providing sewer and water line services at competitive rates. We’re committed to helping our residents of our community understand the inner workings of sewer and water line replacement. Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions.


Water must be kept at least 5 feet from the sewer line in the state of New York. This distance is measured horizontally from edge to edge across a flat, undisturbed surface. If no such surface is available, measure from a solid ledge to at least 12 inches above and off to the side of the sewer line’s highest point.

Without proper separation, property owners risk cross-contamination between their sewer lines and their water systems. Contamination is a serious health hazard, so it’s essential to perform an accurate measurement between sewer lines and water pipes.


Depending on the extent of the damage, main sewer line replacement can cost between $3,000 and $25,000. Many companies will break this rate down, charging between $50 and $250 by the foot. The actual rate you pay will depend on your sewer line’s length, the type of plumbing you use and how it is placed in your property. 

Replacing a sewer line is more complicated than installing a new line because the service crew must remove the old one. Traditional sewage line replacement is an invasive process that requires digging up your driveway or lawn, but new, trenchless methods allow crews to replace your pipe through a single digging location. 

Because you may be without your sewer services during your replacement, it’s important to work with a quick, effective contractor like Colonial Excavating. 


Pick a drain in your house and follow it to a larger pipe that exits your basement or crawlspace and leads to your sewer line. All the drains in your house are connected in one way or another. As long as you pick a pipe that you are sure is a drain, you’ll find the larger pipe that leads to your sewage system.

Having located the pipe that exits your home, follow it through your property. Sewer lines always go straight, so it shouldn’t be hard to follow. If you’re unsure, its always a good idea to call your local plumber or excavating crew.

Septic, Sewer and Water Line FAQ

Sometimes if the ground of your home is not properly cleared, or prepped for the soil type, it can lead to serious foundation issues. One of the common issues homeowners experience is standing water in their yard. Professional excavators like those at Colonial excavating can help re-grade your yard or add a drainage system. Contact us today for excavation services!

Depending on the extent of the damage, the main sewer line replacement can cost between $3,000 and $25,000. Companies will break this rate down, charging between $50 and $250 by the foot. The actual rate you pay will depend on your sewer line’s length, the type of plumbing you use and how it is placed in your property.

Some non-construction-related options you can take to help divert rainwater are to make sure your gutters are clear, extend your downspouts, build a rain garden or add compost to your property. If you choose to extend your downspouts you can use aluminum extensions, splash blocks, a buried drain pipe or drain sleeves. Taking precautions, whether it be an excavation project or a new drain, is very important as extended standing water damage from storms can damage your home’s foundation over time and create a larger structural issue.


New York residents around the Capital District can count on Colonial Excavating for dependable water and sewer line services. To get in touch or receive a free estimate, give us a call or fill out a contact form online today!